Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Week 1: Our First Email from Elder Peterson!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey guys! 

I am so glad to hear from the family. Everything is fine and the MTC is awesome! It's not what I expected it to be. That's awesome about Marcos and Gavin. My companion is Elder Hoskin. We get along great its just he sometimes gets annoying. We like similar things (politics) :( lol My room mates are Elder Johnson and Blakely they are nice guys. We get along just fine. The other missionaries in my district are Sister Jales, Sister Nix and Sister M.
My companion and I have been called as zone leaders in our district! I am excited to be put to work! I am having good experiences at the MTC. I've been writing in my journal every night on my experiences with my district. When you asked me about the scripture that influenced me the most this week I thought of Moses 6 verse 3. I love that scripture the most. 
This weekend the MTC notified me that I will leave the MTC on Nov 3rd instead of Nov 5th. I am so excited! 
I would like to have you send me some of your pens that we use in conference. Thank you so much for everything even the care packages :) I love them especially the treats and the shirt of course. Tell Ally that I got her Mommas Boys Stripling Warrior T-Shirt for her and it should arrive at her house sometime this week. Tell her thank you so much for all the pictures from home she gave me too. I love having them with me.
The food is eatable not so great but they have barqs root beer :) so life is good for a while :) If you could send me some salt and vinegar chips to my mission office that would be awesome lol :) 
The sleep could be better. I wish the other missionaries followed the lights out rules but they stay up till midnight almost every night that I've been here so far, but when I get to New York I know my sleep will be better. There is a Elder that will be serving in Las Vegas Nevada Mission his name is Elder Guin I think lol I can't spell his name for some reason. 
Tell Tyrel that I showed the tie joke to my district and they had a big laugh about it lol oh I almost forgot please remind Tyrel to pick up my safe :) 
Sorry that I didn't send any pictures yet. I will do that as soon as possible when I have time. I can't believe my first week has been accomplished. 
I love you and miss you guys very much but when I work I don't get home sick very much any more :) I love you Dad, Mom, Tyrel and ally!

I can't wait to see you guys in New York in two years! #2016

It's going to go by so fast.
I love you very much!

By endurance we conquer.

Elder Peterson

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