Monday, 20 April 2015

Week 26: Six Months in the Field

Hey everyone!

Well, I got the call about transfers and my zone leaders said I’ll be staying in West Seneca! I am safe haha :)

This week has been a bit of a struggle as far as missionary work goes but that’s part of the job! It’s okay though, it always works in the end.

This weekend was awesome! We got to go to the sacred sites again. :) I absolutely love going there! Each time I’ve visited it has been a very special experience.

I heard the good news about Tyrel passing his HESI exams! That’s so awesome! And now he only has one test left! WOOOOOHOOO! He will be in my prayers along with everyone else in the family.

I haven’t received the Young Women’s package yet or Bree’s letter. The mail is so slow around here. :( Please tell Bree I’ll write back to her as soon I get her letter.

My companion and I have been teaching K. L. more about the gospel and she has been taking it really well. She was pretty surprised when I invited her to be baptized though haha there was a long awkward silence because she didn’t know what to say. Finally she said she didn’t know and needed to ponder and pray about her decision. We agreed and decided to give her some time. I hope she doesn’t say no but everyone has their own agency to accept or decline the gospel. Please pray for K. L. for us! I would appreciate it. :)

I’ve already completed 25% of my mission! I can’t believe I have already been out serving in the mission field for six months. I love being on a mission and I’m loving every moment of serving the Lord and the people in West Seneca.

Please tell everyone that I love and miss them all very much!

Elder Peterson

P.S. I sent a bunch of photos of some of the members that I really love and admire. I hope you enjoy them!

"I absolutely love these two members. I am so glad that I was able to
see them. As soon as I saw them I was hopping up and down and was
really excited to see them. They were able to work with me and Elder
Haines and our investigating family in my old ward in Niagara Falls.
These wonderful members made Stephanie's baptism possible. I
can't wait for you guys to meet these wonderful members someday!"
"This is an amazing Bishop of mine from Niagara Falls ward. His name is
Bishop Simpson. I love his determination to serve and his work to get
the objective done. He was really excited to hear about Stephanie's baptism. I would love for dad to meet him. He is that
"I would like you to meet part of my district. I am so pleased and
blessed to work with these Elders! We made a great team in helping re-activate Scott. The
Elders names are 1. Elder Merril, 2. Elder Bates, 3. Elder Kropp and
lastly me :) I'm having blast serving the Lord."
"And Lastly I would like you to meet Brother Negroni. He is a really
nice guy and absolutely loves the missionaries. He serves as the Young
Men's president in the Niagara Falls ward. He does everything that he
can to help missionaries and to improve the quorums in Young Mens. He is an
incredible man."

Elder Peterson & Brother Gradzewicz at a Stake Fireside.
"Here is the man that my companion and I have been working with for a
long time in West Seneca. We were able to gain his trust and have
a relationship with him by extending our friendship. He was offended
many years ago but because of the Lord's blessings he was able to walk
the path of the atonement with us and with previous missionaries. He
has a desire to change and to serve the Lord. He is a great man!"

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