Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Week 44: The Gospel Is True!

Hey guys!

Well, I’m staying another transfer in Batavia!! My new companion is going to be Elder Rushton. He served in N. Tonawanda right after I did so I think it’ll be a good companionship.

Thank you so much for the care package!! It made my day. I love the pictures you guys included and the Buffalo, NY t-shirt. I love it! I miss Buffalo but Batavia is growing on me. I hope I get to stay for one more transfer after this one.

I saw on LDS tools that we have sister missionaries in our home ward now! How are they? I’ll have to write them a letter when I get a chance.

This week was spent doing our usual thing- finding and teaching less active members and potential investigators in our area. We are having a lot of great success lately! We made a goal as a zone to pass out 1000 copies of the Book of Mormon in three weeks. We are almost to that goal! I hope we can do it. It would help our mission so much! We are having a special family home evening next week specifically for less active members and recent converts so we’ve spent some time preparing for that as well.

What are some good ways to help a branch/ward clear the roster/ward directory? Any advice? I’m trying to help them here like I did in the Orchard Park ward back in Buffalo. It definitely helps us find more part members to teach plus it keep us busy. Tracting just isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Well, unfortunately summer is coming to an end around here. The leaves are already starting to change colors! I’m afraid snow is already coming. I’m not looking forward to it haha

This week I’ve been reflecting on how important it is to study and read the white handbook as a missionary. Many missionaries take it for granted. It makes me sad to see that happen. I feel like we should humble ourselves and treat the handbook as commandments written by the Lord specifically for missionaries. After all, part of its purpose is to help us return honorably from full time missions. I look forward to the day when I can say that I’ve served an honorable full time mission. Not that I’m saying I’m amazing or perfect or anything but I strive to do better each day.

One last spiritual thought- We had a lunch appointment yesterday with a nice older couple in our branch. Their son just joined the military and is leaving soon so it gave us an opportunity to say our goodbyes before he left. I found myself disappointed in the sons decision to join the military rather than serving a mission for the Lord. I could see that he was a little prideful in his decision. That’s when I realized that could have been me. I’m so grateful I turned to the Lord and decided everything else could wait. I’m so grateful I made the decision to serve the Lord first. Being a missionary has helped me learn to be happy and spiritually happy. I love the gospel and seeing how much it has changed me over time. I love serving the Lord! The gospel is true!

Missionary request! Will you and the family continue to look for missionary opportunities? It’s very hard for missionaries to get investigators.

I love you all very much!

Elder Peterson 

One of the pictures we sent to Elder Peterson in his care package. We had a cardboard cutout made of him and then took pictures with it around the city. We sure miss him! :)


  1. We've seen several of these and have entertained the idea but haven't done it yet. Fun!

    1. We sure love Chase and the example he has always been! It's good to be able to see how well he is doing.


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