Monday, 19 October 2015

Week 52: My One Year Mark!!!

Hey guys!

I can’t believe I’ve hit my year mark already!! I thought this day would never come! haha Time definitely flies by quick. It feels like a dream!

This week we had a zone meeting for the start of the new transfer. It was a good meeting to help us focus on the needs of the investigators and remember to teach the people not the lessons. We practiced our role plays to help our teachings become more effective to bring souls to repentance that will strengthen their faith in the Savior. We received great training from our zone leaders.

We spent the week going about teaching less active members and recent converts as usual. We are accomplishing a lot here in Batavia by doing acts of service in the community. We try to reach out to the community to have an opportunity to teach the gospel just like the prophet Ammoron with the Lamanite king. We try so hard to find people to teach. Especially before all of the big snow storms arrive.

Yesterday we had a dinner appointment with a part member family named the G family. They are really nice. My companion and I got a chance to take pictures with their chickens haha it was a cool experience. :)

For some reason I have been reflecting back on the subject of obedience again during my studies. Although I’m not a perfect missionary, I really strive to keep the mission rules. I also try my best to take correction well. For example, if I need to be corrected on something that I don’t know, I will take the council and decide then that I will not do it again. It is very sad to see other missionaries who do not understand the importance of obedience. It is equally as sad to see them not take correction well.

When I strive to obey the rules, I will often be called names like a “stick in the mud” or even a “Nazi”. Last night we were invited to play basketball with some of the other missionaries in Greece, which is beyond our 15 mile rule. I spoke to my companion about it and told him that I don’t feel comfortable going over there. This morning they called to invite us again but we told them we wouldn’t be able to make it and that we already have too much stuff to do because it’s p-day anyway. They got upset that we weren’t going to go play basketball with them. I just kept thinking to myself, I’m only acting on the prompting I received. I would rather fear Christ than make friendships that don’t understand the importance of following the mission rules.

I love and miss you guys so very much.
I still can’t believe it’s been a year!

Elder Peterson

"Mountain Dew Solute at Our Zone Meeting":
(Click on link below to watch video)

 "Our District's Mountain Dew Solute":
(Click on link below to watch video)

"It's Already Snowing!":
(Click on link below to watch video)

Taking pictures with the G family's chickens!

Beautiful Warsaw, NY!

Beautiful Warsaw, NY!

Beautiful Warsaw, NY!

Beautiful Warsaw, NY!

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