Monday, 1 February 2016

Week 67: When We Have the Spirit with Us


Well, this week was a pretty interesting week. We have been trying our best to find people to teach in Derby, NY. It’s pretty close to Lakeview. We ended up passing out six copies of the Book of Mormon. Six! That is a lot in one week. I’m excited we were able to build up our teaching pool with potential investigators.

We had a district meeting this week. The training I did was focused on how to effectively use missionary tools to help build up our areas. We discussed how to use Preach My Gospel, the scriptures and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ in our daily labors to really rely on the Holy Ghost in order to find investigators. Although I sometimes feel like I’m speaking gibberish to my district, I know I am successful when I have the spirit with me. I boldly committed my district to stop all of the complaining and murmuring going on in our area. I promised them that if we took the promise in D&C 4:4 and imagined our snow covered area as the field that is white and ready to harvest that we would find people to teach and baptize. I’m grateful it turned out to be a really good meeting.

We had a branch missionary fireside last night and had a great turnout. We had thirteen people come plus my district. We watched a film called the Cokeville Miracle. It’s a true story of a man and woman that took 136 children and 18 adults hostage at Cokeville Elementary School. Shortly after they were taken hostage the children began to pray. Many children reported seeing angels that day, including a “beautiful lady” dressed in white who saved their lives by telling them to go near a window. Other children reported seeing an angel over each child’s head. All of the children who saw angels were shown several photos to identify the beings. Every child responded to the photos of an ancestor saying, “That’s her/him!” It was a really great movie. I highly recommend it. :)

I love and miss you guys very much.

Only 9 more fast Sundays!

Elder Peterson

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