Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Week 66: Global Missionary Broadcast


I’ve been thinking about you guys a lot this week. It’s been another interesting week for us with lots of mixed emotions. We have been trying really hard all week to find people to teach. We’ve tried to focus our efforts in the areas where it hasn’t already been over worked by previous missionaries but we’ve seen little success because of it (especially because we’re in the middle of winter). It will be worth it over time though.

The global missionary broadcast was so awesome! It was cool to hear some of the apostles speak to all of the missionaries around the world at once. They focused a lot on less actives and recent converts. I loved it! I truly believe that we must focus on retention and re-activation. Many of these members have non member friends which presents the opportunity for us to teach them!

We’ve presented some new branch party/activity ideas to our branch president and he seems to like them. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling and start planning something soon. I’d like to start accomplishing more of our objectives.

That’s so cool Grandpa Base is going down to visit you guys! Oh I wish I was home and spending time with all of you. These homesick wishes only come with tough times. I wish the winters here weren’t so intense so we could be out there working more. Please tell Grandpa that I love him and miss him and that I can’t wait to go golfing with him. :)

I love and appreciate all of you so very much. I can’t wait to complete my mission so I can see you guys again and be with you. I can’t wait to play with Deegan either! He is one funny dog haha 

I love and miss you!

Elder Peterson

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