Monday, 11 April 2016

Week 77: Baptist Churches and Snake Bites!

Hey guys! 

We had a lot of success this week! We found a new investigator with the help of one of the members in our branch. He’s a really nice guy. We taught him the first lesson already (restoration) and committed him to do some additional studying so he can better understand what we are teaching him. We will be seeing him tomorrow afternoon. We plan to review his study assignment and then go on to the next lesson (plan of salvation).

We had a funny experience the other day! We were going around to different churches trying to be friendly (we’re still trying to build relationships with other faiths) and ended up at a baptist church. We walked in and tried to find a pastor but couldn’t see anyone. I started to yell out asking if anyone was there but got no answer. We turned around to leave but then realized we locked ourselves inside the church! lol The doors were supposed to be locked but the door hadn’t been shut all the way. So there we were, two mormon missionaries locked inside a baptist church haha. Luckily we were able to get out without having to break anything. God is really watching over us, even when we make stupid mistakes! We were just glad we didn’t get stuck in there for a long period of time. That probably wouldn’t have left the best impression lol. So, moral of the story? Don’t accidentally break into a baptist church.

We had another crazy experience this week. We helped one of our neighbors hang a picture in his house when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw this big snake all coiled up! I asked our neighbor if it was his and rather quickly he responded with a “No that’s not mine!!” haha. With the help of another neighbor we were able to capture the snake. Unfortunately the snake bit him but he’s okay. The snake wasn’t poisonous but it sure was huge! I’d guess it was almost 4 feet long.

Nothing too out of the ordinary going on in the Cattaraugus area! Oh the life we live out here on the reservation. :)

I love and miss you all very much! 
Can’t wait to Skype with you in just a couple more weeks!

Elder Peterson

P.S. Happy national sibling day Ally! I’m grateful to be your younger brother. You have always been such a true friend to me. A friend I can always trust! It’s hard being out here on a mission and feeling like your companions don’t always have your back. When that happens I think of you and try to follow your example of being nice to them no matter what. I love you!

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