Monday, 29 August 2016

Week 97: My Last Zone Conference!


Being a trainer is definitely an assignment that is out of my comfort zone but it’s been an awesome experience. It’s neat to watch Elder Gwilliam grow and become a strong missionary. It can be hard though because we’re both homesick and tired. He’s homesick and tired as a new missionary and I’m homesick and tired as a missionary that’s about to go home haha. We have quickly learned that it’s important to work together to overcome these emotional challenges.

My trainee (Elder Gwilliam) has already taught me several things. I have learned the importance of loving those around you no matter what they have done to hurt you and the importance of patience in a companionship. Being a trainer has really taught me a lot about myself and I have found that I rely on the Lord now more than ever.

Spencerport is a little slow when it comes to missionary work but one of the benefits of being a trainer is being able to change up our area a bit. We are still working closely with members and less-active members so that helps, but things are still moving slower than we would like. Even though we’re going through this challenge, I know that the Lord is building our confidence to prepare for future assignments.

Exchanges in Batavia last week went well. We were able to work with an old member I knew when I served there! It was fun to see her again. It’s cool to visit old areas again but I think I prefer to do exchanges in places I’ve never served before.

I have officially attended my last zone conference! It was a great conference with President Evans. He spoke on why we need to obey and endure to the end when it comes to the white handbook. I’m so sad that I only have a transfer and a half left on my mission. It’s so crazy to me that I’m almost done. It doesn’t seem real that I’m so close to the finish line. After serving out here for so long, I almost forget that there will come a time when my black name tag will have to come off.

I love my mission. It has taught me so much, especially in the tough times. 
Please continue to pray for me, my mission president, and my companion.

I sure love and miss you all very much!
Elder Peterson

P.S. Thank you so much for sending me the iPod and CDs!

"Beautiful Spencerport, NY!"


"Exchanges with the zone leaders in Batavia."

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