Monday, 10 November 2014

A Letter from Elder Peterson & His Mission President

Dear Brother and Sister Peterson,

Your son, Elder Chase Robert Peterson, arrived safely in the New York Rochester Mission, and is excited to begin working. What a delightful and impressive young man he is. We personally picked him up at the airport and brought him to the mission home. It is our tradition that each missionary begin his service by visiting the Sacred Grove. He is given some quiet time in the Grove to contemplate the events that occurred there and report to the Lord as he begins his mission. The enclosed pictures were taken at the Sacred Grove.

After interviewing Elder Peterson, I have prayerfully determined that he should labor in the North Tanawanda Area with Elder Haines as his companion and trainer.

Your son will have a wonderful experience here. You can help by encouraging him to be completely obedient to the Church and mission rules and standards, thereby contributing to his success as a missionary.

We invite you in your letters to ask him to share spiritual experiences and incidents that are happening. Encourage your son to keep a journal during his mission. His letters, and other items, will help document and record the memorable and spiritual events of his missionary service in New York.

Thank you for sending such a wonderfully prepared young man to our mission. Sister Francis and I will prayerfully watch over his welfare and offer our best to guide and direct his life while serving here.

President Arthur R Francis
New York Rochester Mission

Dear Family,

Well North Tonawanda is quite interesting. I’ve realized the people here are not like the city people in New York City. In fact, they don’t like them very much lol I find that interesting. We visited our first members in Tonawanda! They are kind and friendly people. We have several investigators already too which is crazy. 

I wanted to say thank you very much for the packages you always send me. Oh and before I forget... Dad- Here is your leaf from the Sacred Grove!

It’s getting colder here. I’m glad I’m prepared for winter. If you wouldn’t mind putting my name and my companions name in the temple that would be great. I would also like it if you would pray for the Niagara Falls Ward so they can feel our love for them. We had a lukewarm welcome but it would be nice if you would pray for them. 

Just think, my first month is almost done! Crazy right?

Well I love you very much and I miss you all.

Elder Peterson

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