Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Week 7: Happy Skype Month!

Hey everyone!!!

Happy Skype month! I can’t wait to see you guys and get to talk to you!!! I’m counting down the days haha let me know when a good time will be to Skype you guys. We need to plan it out. 

How’s everything going back home? I hope everything is great.

Thanks for the updates on the Figaroas family. Tell them I miss them and that everything is going good. And that I’m freezing haha. I’m glad you’re Facebook friends with Mike! He’s a good guy. He has the best conversion story. It’s awesome. 

I got the video you sent of Deegan eating his birthday hamburger haha that’s too funny. I can’t believe he is 3! How’s Deegan doing without me? :)

My companion and I have four new investigators! And guess what I will be teaching my first lesson tonight with one of the families! It’s on the restoration of the gospel. I hope I’ll do an okay job. Wish me luck!

I saw the Christmas devotional last night and enjoyed it very much. I liked how they focused so much on how we need to develop Christlike attributes in our daily lives. It kind of felt like I was watching it right there with you guys. :)

Tell Paige congrats! I’m very happy for her and hope she has a great wedding day. Have fun in Salt Lake and tell everyone I love them and miss them.

I didn’t get Grandma’s Razzle Dazzle :( but I got her card though. Hopefully she will get my thank you card soon. I’m glad the neighbors got their thank you cards too. The mail up here is slower getting in and out than I’m used to lol. 

I got the down comforter you sent. It’s so nice to sleep in. I definitely sleep a lot better with it compared to my days at the MTC lol It’s very comfortable. Thank you!

I was wondering if you guys could do some family work while I’m gone. I found some new names that are directly in our blood line. I found 3 more Saxtons! 

Oh and if you wouldn’t mind will you take a picture of my mission plaque next time you’re at the church? I’d like to see what it looks like :)

I can’t believe I’ve made it through my first two fast Sundays already! Time is flying.

I’m still loving it up here despite the freezing cold weather. It’s so fun sharing the gospel with people across the country. 

I love and miss you guys! 

Elder Peterson

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