Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 11: New Year Resolutions

Hey guys!!

Well, it’s a freezing 15 degrees in New York today! I’m missing the Vegas weather pretty bad right now! haha But I’m still loving it here :)

That’s awesome you guys have set some New Year’s resolutions! Earlier this morning I read a talk by Richard G. Scott that he gave in the April general conference. He talked about having joy in life and how important it is to have peace and happiness. I made a promise to myself to do my very best to stay positive and not get discouraged so easily! I’ve noticed a change in myself since I became a missionary though. I’m so much happier and more at ease with myself and others. Missionary life is awesome. I’m so glad I chose to serve the Lord for two years!! :)

I’m glad you guys got my Christmas letters! I was worried they wouldn’t get there on time.  You know how the mail is around here! ugh. haha

Our investigators are doing ok but it’s been hard to set up return appointments because of the holidays, kids going back to school and the flu that everyone is getting. We’re still trying though!

As far as advice on working better with missionaries, I would say encourage the members to work with the missionaries. The members are our greatest ally in doing the Lord’s work! Encourage the members to give referrals to the missionaries and allow the members to let the missionaries into their homes and practice sharing lessons with them.

Elder Haines and I started sending out a miracle email to the ward council each week. After sharing our weekly miracles for a while an interest was sparked in the ward! So awesome :) My advice for missionaries reaching out to the community would be to volunteer or do some kind of service. It’s a great way to get our name out there and hopefully open some doors. Elder Haines and I have been volunteering in a nursing home. It’s been a great way for us to reach out to the community. Our goal has been to reach out to the staff and hopefully be able to teach them the gospel.

I would love it if you sent me some dinner recipes from home and an electric blanket! :)

I love you all very much!

Elder Peterson


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