Monday, 12 January 2015

Week 12: The L Family

Hey guys!!!

Everything is going well over here in Tonowanda… except it won’t stop snowing! The snow is so deep it’s just over my knees when I stand in it haha but I’m still having a blast.

This has been an awesome week. My companion and I finally taught our first lesson to S., the mother of the L. family we have been trying to work with for a while. As we taught the restoration to her we also shared Joseph Smith’s testimony as well as the First Vision. She got really emotional as we spoke of Joseph Smith seeing our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. After we answered all of her questions we invited her to be baptized once she knew all of these things to be true. Without hesitation she said yes!! And her daughter accepted our invitation as well!

The next day S. texted us saying she couldn’t stop thinking about the spiritual experience she had during our lesson. She said she had never felt like that before in her entire life. She says she still feels that amazing feeling (the Holy Ghost) and she also said she is committed to do everything she can to be baptized! :)

We’re going to teach her again on Wednesday and invite her to be baptized and set a specific date. Please pray for her so she can still feel that dedication and confirming feeling to help her know that this church is true.

Like I said, it’s been an awesome week!!! My first baptism is coming our way! :)

Okay now to answer everyone’s questions…
The boots are still fighting hard against the snow and working just fine.
I’m still good on the hand warmers. Oh and thank you so much for the electric blanket!!
On p-days we usually do our morning studies, do laundry, write to our families, eat lunch and then do everything else to prepare for the week.
Congrats Ally & Tyrel on the new Sunday School calling! My best advice on connecting with the kids is to be friends with them. Maybe even begin the class by talking to everyone about their week. It will get them motivated to discuss and answer questions during the lesson. Oh and bring treats for them every week. Lots of treats. :) lol

I love the pictures you sent of Deegan. The one of him asleep with just his nose under the blanket was too funny hahaha that dog is so funny.

Please tell the Bishop that I’m having a blast in New York and tell Tanner that I’m proud of him for going out with the missionaries. It’s the best kind of experience you can get to prepare for a mission.

Well, 11 more days and I’ll hit my 3 month mark out on the mission. Crazy!

I love you very much and miss you lots!

Elder Peterson

P.S. I’ll try to take some pictures this week so I can have some to send to you guys next week.


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