Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 13: Only 3 Degrees Outside

Hey guys!!!

Well, my 3 month mark is in 3 days!! Only 21 months to go! haha Not a whole lot happened this week. We didn’t set a baptismal date with S. yet but we are hoping to meet with her on Wednesday to extend the invitation. Fingers crossed!

I’m getting a new companion next week! Elder Haines is finishing his mission and will be returning back home. I hope my next companion will be a good one. :) Oh, before I forget I will most likely be in the same area for a while but I’ll let you know for sure next week after transfers.

Ally & Tyrel: How did your Sunday school class go yesterday? Did the treats work? I hope so! :)

Mom & Dad: Will you send me some family recipes for lunch and dinner ideas? That would be awesome! Oh and if you could send me our priesthood line of authority that would be great too. :)

We went to the Palmyra temple on Saturday. I always have such an amazing experience every time I go. It’s a pretty long drive from Niagara Falls to Palmyra. It takes all morning to get there and then all afternoon to drive back. It’s always fun though and always worth it. I can’t wait for the day when I get to take all of you there! :)

It’s still pretty cold up here. I had exchanges this week with my district leader and one night we walked back to the car and I said, “Man it’s cold out there!” and he said, “Wellllllll it’s only 3 degrees.” haha Makes sense! It was probably one of the coldest nights I’ve experienced here.

Wow! Is Shannon home already?! That’s so exciting! Tell her hi for me.
That will be so fun to have Grandpa come stay with you guys for a while! I wish I could go golf with him. :)

Tell Bishop Anderson, Brother Barber and Brother Nelson that I said hi and that I’m doing great! And doing my best to survive in this freezing weather haha

Love you guys and miss you a lot!

Elder Peterson

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