Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 14: First Transfer Week

Hey guys!

This week was awesome! We taught S. on Wednesday about the Plan of Salvation. This lesson was a huge miracle for her! Before we started our lesson she told us that for the first time ever she understood scriptural language from the Book of Mormon! She has a learning disability as the result of a pretty bad car accident. She told us that she felt the Holy Ghost very strongly and she understood every word of the chapters we left her to read. The lesson went really well! She understood what we taught her and the Spirit testified to her that it was true. She got really emotional and gave us a referral to teach her mother that lives in Niagara falls! The Spirit was so strong and she accepted our invitation to be baptized on February 21st!!!!!!!!! :) The Niagara falls Elders have already started teaching her mom and I guess she has already started to accept the message of the restoration. Big miracles happened this week! We are bringing salvation to the entire L. family now. Awesome. :)

On to some sad news! I got the call this morning about an hour ago that I’m being transferred to a new area called West Seneca. It’s south of Buffalo right where that huge blizzard hit. I’ll be right in the middle of all the lake affects. Oh great! haha My new companion’s name is Elder Landon McCarl. I’ll be meeting him tomorrow at our transfer meeting… well hopefully. There’s supposed to be a huge blizzard tonight. I’m sad having to leave behind all of the people I love in North Tonowanda. Especially the L. family. I know they’ll be in good hands with the new Elders but it’s still a little sad to say goodbye. I’m hoping to somehow keep in touch with them. I really love it here. I’ll miss it a lot!

And now a new part of my mission begins!

I love and miss you all very much.

Elder Peterson

PS Please let everyone know not to send me any mail until I have a new address in West Seneca.

Tough guys!
8 degrees!
The Buffalo zone!

Lunch at the Olympia Restaurant
Elder Peterson & Elder Haines
Elder Peterson & Elder Haines
Elder Peterson, Elder Haines, Elder Holt & Elder Bates

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