Monday, 2 February 2015

Week 15: West Seneca, NY

Hey guys!!!

Sorry I’m a little late emailing you today. We had lunch with a less active member that is trying to get his life back on the straight and narrow. He accepted our invitation to come back to church! He also mentioned that he would like to go see some of the sacred sites around here which is awesome!

The transfer to West Seneca was good. It was sad leaving my old district but we all have to leave at some point.

Speaking of, my new address is…

3290 Seneca St.
Apt. 8
West Seneca, NY

My companion is great so far! He’s a nice guy. He’s from Florida, right by Disney World actually. He’s an ASL missionary which is really cool. It’s awesome watching a conversation happen between him and another deaf member.

West Seneca is a lot bigger than North Tonowanda! We have a lot of work to do in this area. We are mostly just visiting people and getting to know the members of the ward so far. We have a pretty big apartment! I’ll send you some pictures next week so you can see what it looks like :) It snows a lot here too! There’s actually a small blizzard going on right now haha I wish it would stop snowing already but other than that no complaints.

Dad, that’s awesome you were able to see the missionary that helped me unload my bags from the car at the MTC drop off! That’s too funny you used him in a story in gospel principles haha Next time you see him tell him I said hi.

Oh by the way, I sent a mission picture in the mail to you guys. Hopefully it’ll be there by next Tuesday. I’m in the picture on the bottom right, second row.

I almost forgot to add my miracle of the week! So here it is. My testimony grew even more when this happened :)

Yesterday I was able to teach gospel principles! My first Sunday in this area haha The lesson was on the final judgment but I had to teach the class all by myself! My companion had to go be an interpreter for the bishop and another deaf member. I was so nervous about teaching alone and what’s worse is there were two investigators in the class! TWO! In the end it turned out to be a successful lesson. I had a lot of participation and actually got a lot out of the lesson myself. I was also worried because sometimes teaching deeper doctrine can be harder for investigators to understand but it was a miracle they did! I was so grateful for the knowledge I have and my ability to teach simply. Plus I had a blast! I’m grateful the feeling of nervousness and anxiety went away. I knew immediately it was a blessing from the Lord.

Love you and miss you lots!

Elder P.

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