Monday, 16 February 2015

Week 17: A Spiritual Weekend

Hey guys!

I got the care packages you guys sent me! I loved them very much. Including all of the snacks! haha I’m still good on journals and SD cards. I may have lost my charger for my camera though and was wondering if you or mom could help me find a new one. If so that would be great!

This week was really good! We have been trying to visit some investigators and less actives in the area. We have this one investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for several years now. The second time we met with him we had a discussion about the book of Revelation, the signs of the times and the second coming. This guy has some really deep thoughts on religion and life so while we were talking with him I tried changing the subject to see if he has ever read the Book of Mormon. His reply was no and then he started saying that there shouldn’t be another bible or more scriptures added to the bible. So I asked him how he would feel if he was able to obtain more knowledge of God? There was silence. He didn’t give me a specific answer to my question. I invited him to read the Book of Mormon and he accepted!!! I just hope we won’t get even more bashing the next time we see him. Let’s hope his heart will soften. :)

This weekend was a spiritual weekend for me. We planned on going to some of the sacred sights with our less active friend we have been meeting with recently. We got a call from our ward mission leader saying the weather didn’t looking promising and that a blizzard was on its way through. The roads would just be too dangers to drive on. After our conversation ended I felt prompted that my companion and I should say a prayer for safety and that the blizzard would settle down while we were there. After the prayer ended I felt another confirmation that everything would be ok. As we started to drive to the sacred sights, the biggest miracle happened! The storm started to lighten up and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been expected to be. I knew Heavenly Father was with me and that he does marvelous things for his children. Very few people get to experience what I have experienced. It was a miracle. When we finally arrived at the sights, I knew I had a larger work to do for Him.

Heavenly Father answers prayers and it’s truly amazing to be able to witness it.

I can’t wait to take you through the sacred sights someday.

I love and miss you all very much!!!

Elder Peterson

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