Monday, 18 May 2015

Week 30: Two New Golden Investigators

Hey everyone!

It’s so good to hear from all of you. I’m glad everyone back home is doing well!

That is so awesome Tyrel is officially done with school! I’m so happy for him! It’s not a surprise to me that he graduated at the top of his class. I’m so proud of his performance! He’s such a good example to me in studying diligently.

My favorite General Conference talk is the one Elder Holland gave about the Savior’s grace and mercy (link below). For whatever reason that talk touched me the most. I loved all of the talks though. General Conference gets better and better each time.

Well, I’m going to have to go see a doctor within the next couple of weeks because my ear is officially plugged. I’ve tried to clean it out and everything else I can think of but it just always sounds like I’m under water. Mom and dad- will you send me my medical insurance information? That would be fantastic.

About six weeks ago, one of my zone leaders asked me to take on kind of a special assignment. He asked that I help them become aware of any problems or struggles any of the missionaries in my area might be having. I’m honored the assignment was given to me but it makes me sad there is need for it in the first place. I had a meeting with President Francis this week to report to him on how things have been going. I expressed my concern for some of the Elders and afterwards explained how difficult the assignment has been for me. It’s hard to not feel like I’m stabbing these Elders in the back. President Francis told me that it’s not that at all. If anything I’m helping them become better missionaries. It’s still heavy on my heart though.

Here’s some good news! We have two brand new golden investigators! One of them just moved from Canada. She was taught by the missionaries there and is now ready to finish off her lessons and possibly be baptized. We are really excited about it! Our other investigator is a member referral. The investigator asked the member why they were so happy all the time haha the member replied its because of our religion and faith! We were able to meet with her this weekend and even taught her about the restoration. She loved the messages we shared with her. She accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church! Of course this would happen on the last two weeks of this transfer lol it’s always just my luck! I hope I can still see them get baptized along with my other investigators in West Seneca.

Thank you for the package!! I absolutely loved it!

I love you and miss you all so very much!

Elder Peterson

Read Elder Peterson's favorite General Conference talk here:
(Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles)

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