Monday, 8 June 2015

Week 33: It's Not Always Happy Sunshine & Rainbows

Hey guys!

How wonderful you guys were able to go to Salt Lake this weekend! I bet Grandma Janell & Grandpa Base were so excited to see you and loved having you up there. I hope everyone up there is doing well.

I hope you have fun in Seattle this week mom! That’s really nice of you to go spend time with your friend for a couple of days. I’m so grateful to have a wonderful mom who thinks to do things like that. :) I sent you a birthday card so hopefully it’ll be there soon if it’s not already there. I’m sorry it’s a little late. I thought about you all day on your birthday and how grateful I am to have such an amazing mother. You are such a great example to me. I love how much you care about me and support me. I love you and miss you very much, mom. :)

Thanks Tyrel for the advice on how to study diligently! I’m grateful for your example. I always wondered how you studied so well. I can’t wait to put your advice to the test. I’m anxious to know the scriptures as best as I can and make the best of my study time.

This week was a tough one for a few reasons. One reason is that one of our referrals got pretty upset and yelled at me. It’s a long story but he was offended because of a miscommunication over delivering a bible. He yelled at me for a good while but once he gave me the chance to speak we resolved the issue and forgave each other. I hope I don’t have to go through that ever again lol Just goes to show you that the mission isn’t always happy sunshine and rainbows all the time. Next week will be better, right? :)

I’m still trying to adjust to my new companion. He is a little quiet so I’m hoping I can break down the wall he has built up so he can be himself around me. His name is Elder Herman. He is from a small town close to Ogden, UT. He’s only been out for three months and just finished his training.

We have been working hard to find more investigators in our area. So far we’re only finding potentials. We’re also trying to find less actives in our area in order to help them get back to church. It’s going really well so far and we’ve had a wonderful time visiting with each of them.

Earlier this week I was able to find a less active member for the ward council. They were totally surprised. The mother wouldn’t release any information on the whereabouts of her daughter but I found her! Everyone was happy happy happy! lol I’m very grateful for that experience.

We finally finished our landscaping project this week! Whew. The big project is done! We worked so hard and it turned out amazing. The garden looks incredible! I’m so grateful you taught me how to do yard work dad. I never knew you were preparing me for stuff like this. :) I’ll have to take a picture and send it to you. She really appreciates all of the hard work we put in for her. I just hope that the service we give her will somehow soften her heart to hear the gospel message.

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to talk with President Francis. I mentioned my concern for one of the wards not progressing in their missionary efforts. I asked if he might be interested in giving a bit of a motivational talk in sacrament meeting sometime. He said yes! He said to talk to the bishop and ask when he can come speak in sacrament meeting and then do an activity in third hour. I love his dedication in helping me improve missionary efforts.

This week we are planning on seeing our investigators and less active members in our area. Wish us luck :)

I love you and miss you all very much!

Elder Peterson

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