Monday, 20 July 2015

Week 39: Nine Month Mark Already?!

Hey guys!!

Well, it’s been a weird transition leaving Buffalo. I miss the members and my investigators very much! Once I got the news I was being transferred, the members in the Orchard Park ward didn’t want me to leave. It was a sad day for all of us. I’m glad I left on a good note though. It’s nice to be missed because I sure will miss them.

Batavia is an interesting area. It’s very country. Yes, I’m still designated driver :) It’s been a weird adjustment from driving through the city to driving through the country lands. My new companion, Elder Glenn, is a good guy. He’s from California. The leaders around here are good people as well. Oh and before I forget my new address is 53 Walden Creek Dr. Batavia, NY 14020.

We spent most of the week meeting with investigators and members in the Batavia branch. The branch president is President Pierce. He seems to be a pretty good guy as well.

We had the opportunity to go to the Hill Cumorah Pageant again on Saturday! They did a magnificent job. I miss watching it already. I hope you and the family can all go see it eventually. :)

We also had a baptism this weekend! Speaking of baptism, we invited one of our investigators to be baptized once he knows the church is true for himself… and he said yes!

This week I have been studying the war chapters in Alma. In chapter 52 I read about Moroni preparing to protect his people and his men by building forts and other shields as protection. I was pondering what I could learn from these chapters. I started to think about spirituality and how important it is to build up and protect our homes spiritually so that we may feel comforted and seek the Lord’s guidance. And also so our homes may be a shelter from the adversary. For some reason I learn a lot from the war chapters lol

That is so awesome Sister Galyean was in Buffalo!! How did she like it? Did she enjoy her time? Who were the sister missionaries she met? If you get a chance to ask her, I’d love to hear all about her visit.

I’m so proud of Robert and Tanner and their decision to serve missions! I hope the enjoy it. Tell them good luck for me!

Can you believe I’ll be at my nine month mark on Wednesday?! Time is just flying by.

Overall it’s been a good/sad week. But only sad because I’m missing Buffalo.

I hope everything is going well back home! I still think about you and the family a lot.

I miss you and love you all very much. :)

Elder Peterson

Seeing the Hill Cumorah Pageant again over the weekend

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