Monday, 7 September 2015

Week 46: Patience Equals Endurance!

Hey guys!

This week has been a long, hard working kind of week. We have been cleaning up our area book to see who is actually interested in hearing more about the restored gospel. We had to drop a few people, which was sad, but everyone has their own agency in choosing to accept or reject the gospel. It’s all part of our Heavenly Father’s plan.

This week we (as a companionship) passed out nine copies of the Book of Mormon! We also found a family that is interested in hearing more about the gospel and Book of Mormon! We will be meeting with them again very soon. :) I can’t wait to watch their progression!

I also had a chance to go on exchanges with my zone leader this week. Together we taught eight other lessons, placed eight copies of the Book of Mormon, and made twenty-seven contacts! We worked very hard. We walked everywhere and talked to everyone we came across in the city of Batavia. At the end of exchanges, my zone leader said he was very pleased with how much I have grown since the first time we had worked together. He also said he is very excited to see what the future has in store for me. :) Mind you, this particular zone leader is very different compared to the other zone leaders I have worked with. He’s kind of a “stick in the mud” I guess you could say? lol It’s really hard for some missionaries to get along with him. I think that’s one reason he was so pleased with me. I was able to work with him in unity and still put forth my best effort. We’ll see what happens next transfer.

The big family home evening event was a success! We had a lot of investigators attend and tell us how much they enjoyed themselves. We had quite a few people comment on how much they liked that our lesson was centered around the family. It was fun to mingle with everyone and get to know the members of the branch a little better as well. We (the missionaries) had the opportunity to sing the Primary song “Scripture Power” for everyone! Surprisingly no one is familiar with it over here. We had a great time performing it for everyone though. :)

I can’t believe Tyrel’s parents are already back from their mission in Tonga! Time just keeps flying by. Tell them I said hello and welcome home!

President Francis has challenged the mission to read and try to obtain the christlike attributes listed in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel. I have been scribbling notes all over that chapter. I have been studying the patience section in particular. I think it’s important to practice patience because when you do so it is easier to endure the trials that come into your life. In my own words, “Patience equals endurance!”.

Oh how I can’t wait until the day you all arrive here and I can give you a tour of the sacred sites. I absolutely love it here. I love how we can use the sites to our advantage when working with our investigators as well. As President Christensen (A member of the Seventy) said about the Rochester Mission, “This is the greatest mission on earth!” I absolutely agree with him. It is the greatest mission on earth. I get to be one of the literal guardians of the restoration where it all began.

I love you and miss you all very much!

Elder Peterson

P.S. Here is a video of us singing “Scripture Power!”

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