Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Week 49: Loving Being a Missionary!!!

Hey guys!

Well, this week was a little rough for us. Our appointments with our investigators, recent converts and less active members all flaked out! It was very disappointing to see that happen, but over all we still made plans and set goals to accomplish. During the week we had an objective to meet all of the less active members in our branch… Which really should be a ward because of the number of members we have lol so we accomplished what we could!

I sent a package to you guys! It should be there soon. It’s full of little things I’ve collected so far on my mission. I was getting tired of dragging so much stuff around each transfer and transfers are next week! So the package will be getting to you guys just in time. Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy what’s inside. :)

Speaking of sending packages… I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind sending me a blue Buffalo Bills jersey. I want to represent! The members keep telling me they are 2-1! So, if you ever miss me, just watch one of their games and cheer them on. :) I’m thinking the Buffalo Bills should be our new family team!

I got the video you sent me of Deegan getting excited when you say my name! That’s so cute. :) I loved it! It made my day haha

Well, this week we both got sick! It was a long week because of it. We bought some cold medicine and I think we’re finally starting to get over it. I don’t like being sick… especially on a mission! I never realized how much I relied on mom and dad to take care of me lol Being on a mission really does help you learn how to grow up. Experience is the best teacher!

This week’s spiritual thought is a talk called Truly Good & Without Guile by Elder Michael T. Ringwood. It’s such a good reminder that as long as we are obedient for the right reasons and follow the Savior’s example, we can be saved by His atonement. Ever since I became a missionary, my testimony has become one thousand times stronger. As a missionary, you are constantly hearing who the next assistant to the president is going to be, or who the next zone leader is… Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I am grateful for who I am as a worthy representative of Jesus Christ. I’m not saying receiving a calling is bad but it’s a sacred privilege and should never be taken lightly. Receiving a calling is a sacred trust between you and the Lord but I want to focus on the calling I have now.

I love being a missionary and I am grateful to be the Lord’s servant! I love and miss you guys very much :)

Elder Peterson

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