Monday, 9 November 2015

Week 55: A Week of Service

Hey guys!

This week was another roller coaster of emotions but I think it was mostly due to stress. 

I had the opportunity to teach gospel principles yesterday. The lesson was on the second coming. I was trying to help everyone in the class identify what will happen once Christ returns again and it turned out to be very successful! I’m grateful for the experiences teaching gives me.

We also did a lot of service throughout the week.  We helped a member in our branch move this week and it literally took all day! We moved grills, TVs, furniture, etc. It took a long time but eventually we got everything into their home. We were rewarded with New York pizza and it was really good! It was actually delicious. 

We worked at a community action program this week as well. We helped shovel horse manure and move some hay around. It was a lot of work and took a solid three hours but it was still awesome to serve the community. 

We had the opportunity to spend some time with the youth in our branch earlier this week! We played soccer and dodgeball with them. It was a lot of fun. I think missionaries should attend mutual activities to get to know the youth and help influence them to choose to serve a mission. My companion and I even decided to take a young priesthood holder under our wing. We think we might even be able to get him to start thinking about a mission. So far it seems to be working! 

We had an awesome missionary moment too! Our branch mission leader invited us to play basketball at the church with his non member friend. He told us that his friend might be interested in taking the lessons. It was fun playing basketball with them and turned out to be a great missionary experience. This is what member missionary work is all about! Not tracting. :)

We have a zone conference tomorrow with President Francis. We will be doing an iPad training on safe guards. Or in other words how to be spiritually minded while using our iPads and not misuse them. After the meeting I have an interview with President Francis. I’m really looking forward to it. I always enjoy talking with him. He is a good man. 

As far as transfers go, I think I am ready to leave Batavia. I’ve been here for a long time. It’s a good place but I’d still prefer to transfer somewhere new. Speaking of transfers, the next transfer day will be on my birthday. (November 17th) Please make sure if you send any mail my way it will arrive by then. :) 

Happy 13 month mark to me!!! Only 11 months left! I can’t believe I have less than a year left in the mission field. It’s so crazy to me how quickly time flies by. I remember my first night in N. Tonawanda like it was yesterday... Elder Haines and I couldn’t find our apartment, it was late at night, freezing cold, and we were asking our neighbors if they knew where the Mormon missionaries lived lol. We knocked on several doors that night and finally at almost 10:30pm, we found it! I’ll never forget that night haha

For this week’s spiritual thought I have to say how much I love handbook changes that were announced this week. I’m grateful for the Family Proclamation and how it stresses the importance of family relationships. It is so important for a family to begin with marriage between a man and a woman. I fully sustain our leaders of the church. I know that they are called of God to help defend the kingdom of God here on earth.

I love and miss you all very much :)

Elder Peterson

P.S. I know you guys have been asking what I’d like for my birthday so here are a few things I would like...

Hair gel
More photos of the family :)
Brown white, brown white cake
Brown dress shoes
Brown belt


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