Monday, 16 November 2015

Week 56: Transferred to Cattaraugus, NY!

Hey Guys!

I’m being transferred!!! I’m going to Cattaraugus!!! My new companion will be Elder Fielding.

Today has been a great birthday p-day! I got a hair cut and then we had an amazing lunch at Five Guys!!! And guess what? We got our lunch for free! :) Always a plus.

Later today we are going to meet up with some of the other Elders to play basketball and then I’ll be saying my goodbyes to my favorite people in Batavia. (I’ll try to take pictures with them and send them to you next week.) Then I’ll finish up my packing and prepare for transfers tomorrow. So far it’s been a fun day!

To start the week off, we had the opportunity to play some basketball on Monday! We had a blast. It was a lot of fun spending time with my friends in the mission. I made a lot of “down town” 3 pointers winning several games too. :) Make sure you tell Jimmy and Jordan! :)

We had a zone meeting earlier in the week with President Francis. We did some training on safe guards and ways to help us be spiritually minded while using our iPads. The mission has been given new rules for missionaries to follow so we discussed the importance of following them as well. After the meeting, I had an interview with President Francis. He is an amazing leader and great example to me. We discussed certain circumstances in my companionship but other than that it was a good interview.

Elder Rushton was called to be a trainer in Batavia! President Francis and his assistants picked us up and off we went to the trainers meeting. It was really fun to be with them and get to know them even more. The training meeting was really good as well.

I went on exchanges with my zone leaders this week too. It was a neat experience. We visited less active members in their area. I had a lot of fun being with them. Exchanges are always the best, they help you learn and grow while you’re accomplishing a lot of work at the same time.

We had a little service opportunity and raked some leaves for a less active member in our branch. It took a while to finish the job but it was a nice service opportunity for us. I hope this service will touch her heart and give her the desire to come back to church.

Here is this week’s spiritual thought…

I wanted to share an experience I had this week that was quite spiritual and humbling for me. As I mentioned before, President Francis announced new mission rules earlier this week. One of the new rules (given by a member of the seventy) is that missionaries are no longer allowed to attend sporting events for safety reasons. This rule applies to every mission all over the world. Of course there were some missionaries that didn’t understand or agree with this new rule. That was five days ago. It was only three days ago when the terrorist attacks happened in Paris. As we now know, one of the attacks happened at a sporting event.

This strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father watches over us and is mindful of us. I’m grateful for prophets, apostles and leaders that listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Even though this horrible event didn’t take place in my mission, I know that my testimony has been strengthened even more in living prophets.

Please pray for those who were affected in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as well as the people under attack in Kenya.

Thank you for the birthday package!! I love it very much :)

I love and miss you all very much!!!

Elder Peterson

P.S. President Francis wanted me to tell Dad that he understands how stressful it is to be a stake president but he would never know how to handle 11 wards! :)

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