Monday, 11 January 2016

Week 64: New Year's Resolutions


I’m glad you guys got the picture from our district’s first baptism! It was a really neat experience :) Yes I will write about it in my journal haha

This week was kinda rough. Not very many people were home and it was hard to find people to teach. It’s always harder during the winter. Speaking of winter, we currently have two feet of snow and more is expected to fall throughout the week. Luckily I’m not the driver but the problem is that my companion doesn’t have much experience driving in the snow either lol I’ve tried to teach him what I’ve learned so far but it can still be pretty annoying sometimes.

One of our new year’s resolutions is to have a big community event at the church. We have been asking some of our less active members if they have any ideas for an activity we can do at the event in the middle of winter. One of the guys we asked gave us a couple of ideas and then told us he would start going to church again if we had fun activities as well as church on Sundays. I can see why ward/branch and stake activities are important. Not only are they fun but they help us reach out to less active members and it might even get them to come back to church! My zone leaders and I have been working really hard to make this big community event happen. Fingers crossed!

We have been called to resolve contentions and find solutions with the members and less active members in the ward. We have decided it is much more effective to find a way to work with the members in building up the kingdom of God than going out and knocking on doors for five hours a day. I’m excited about this and think it will turn out great. In fact we have already seen success from our efforts! :)

Do you have any suggestions on helping less active members come out to branch activities?

I’m so grateful to have you guys as my family. I love and appreciate all that you do for me so much.

I know my letter is short but I promise I’ll write more next week. :)

I love you and miss you all!

Elder Peterson

"I will miss President Francis."

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