Monday, 14 March 2016

Week 73: The Importance of Repentance

Hey guys!

We spent most of the week visiting the same people in our teaching pool. We taught one of our investigators how important it is to follow the teachings of Jesus in order to live a truly happy life. It bothers me sometimes how quickly investigators tell us that they are doing just fine. They don’t seem to understand the concept of repentance. We are going to try focusing on the importance of repentance this week to see if that changes her perspective at all. Fingers crossed!

We taught another investigator about the plan of salvation and started reading the Book of Mormon with him. He really likes learning about religion but unfortunately he says he  only enjoys it for educational purposes. I hope he humbles himself enough to be touched by the spirit and eventually accepts a baptismal challenge.

I’ve continued my efforts in working with the zone leaders to better my district. They tell me I’m doing a good job and to just keep on encouraging my district to move forward but it can still be pretty stressful... Especially when I’m trying to be the best leader I possibly can while still making sure everyone is getting along and following the rules. It makes me grateful for my zone leaders who help me so much and are always willing to work with me.

I’m so excited for Brooklin and Jimmy! I can’t believe they are going to have a son. I’m so happy for them! Be sure to tell them congrats for me and I will see them and their little boy soon!

Well, only five more transfers left! I’m going to continue to work hard and try my best to not get trunky. :)

I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you guys do for me.
I love and miss you very much!!!

Elder Peterson

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