Monday, 21 March 2016

Week 74: Easter Devotional Success!


It’s been a good, busy week! On Monday we had a zone p-day in Orchard Park. We played this game where we shot each other with mini marshmallows lol it was a lot of fun. After that we played basketball for a while. My shooting has really improved! I’ll have to show off my new skills to Jimmy and Jordan when I get home. :) At the end of our p-day we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I had the biggest plate of bbq, teriyaki and parmesan wings. It was so good! I can’t remember if we have a Buffalo Wild Wings at home but I’m really hoping we do.

I had a meeting with the zone leaders this week. They have asked each of the district leaders to give a report on the progress in their areas and I couldn’t wait to share the exciting things happening in our area. I told them all about the miracle of having new couple missionaries assigned to the Cattaraugus branch. It is so neat to have extra help in the branch and helps more than I think anyone realizes. It takes a ton of pressure off of us. I’m looking forward to seeing what differences they will make in helping retain and reactivate less active members.

Speaking of members, I found out that a member in the branch is related to a Huff. The member said you can only be native if you’re a Huff. He also said that if we are related it’s possible we have some Native American blood. I think that's so cool! Do you have some Huff names I can share with them? I’d like to see if we are related somehow.

I had an interview with President Francis earlier this week. It was just a short twenty minute interview but it was still good. It was kind of funny because some people were testing firearms not too far away so there were gun shots going off during my entire meeting with him lol. We mainly discussed business items concerning the district. He gave me so much wonderful council in helping people see how much you care about the missionaries in the district. He is an amazing example and a great leader. It makes me so sad to think I only have one interview left with him before he is released this summer.

We had our Easter devotional last night and it turned out so great! We had a Pentecostal pastor speak and then sing a song about the Savior. It’s so neat to see relationships begin to form between us and other religions. When the end is near we will all need each other, right? We might as well begin making friendships now.

Transfers are scheduled for March 29th so I will know next Monday if I’m being transferred or not. Please send any mail before the end of the week just in case I’m leaving.

The pictures you sent of Deegan are so funny! I loved them. He is the most human like dog I have ever met haha.

I can’t wait to spend some time talking with all of you in just a few weeks over Skype. I’m looking forward to it. :)

I love you and miss you all very much!

Elder Peterson

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