Monday, 25 April 2016

Week 79: True Happiness


I just wanted to write to you and tell you guys how much I love and miss you. I’m so grateful to have each of you as my family! I’m so lucky. While on my mission, I have truly learned how to choose happiness. As my mission is coming to a close, I promise to work my very hardest until my mission is complete.

We spent a lot of the week going around the community trying to reach out to those in need. We even volunteered to do yard work for another church in a little town called Silver Creek. Often our reward for helping an invitation to join them in their bible studies but sometimes the reward is finding new investigators!! I’m grateful for the just serve program in our church. We have seen a lot of success from it! It has been a wonderful tool for us to use.

We did some pruning in the apple orchard with some of the branch members. It was a lot of fun! I wish I would have snapped a picture but I’ll be sure to get one next time.

We currently have three progressing investigators!! We will be seeing each of them this week to teach them about the restoration. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly!

Another highlight of the week was President Francis dropping in on my district meeting! I was a little nervous but I felt like I did a good job. The training was on learning to understand the spirit and relating it to finding investigators. We did a little activity after the training as well. I made a maze in the gym at the church and had one of the senior couples be the Holy Ghost and President Francis was the deceiver haha. He enjoyed the activity and the training. He pulled me aside and told me I did a wonderful job. :)

We also had the opportunity to go on exchanges! I teamed up with Elder Detlor. It was a really great exchange! We had the chance to see some of the people I taught while I served in Gowanda. It was really good to see everyone again. I enjoyed my time with Elder Detlor as well. He is a great guy and I can tell he has a good influence on me. He always has my back and pretty much takes me under his wing when I need it most. I felt like I should tell him how grateful I am for him so I did! I told him that he is a great example to me and how much I appreciate his friendship. I also told him I’ll never forget him or the blessing he has been to me in my life.

Our branch is having a missionary fireside this week. We are going to listen to one of the members give their conversion story. Hopefully we will have good attendance!

I love and miss you all very much!!
Elder Peterson

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