Monday, 9 May 2016

Week 81: I've Been Transferred to Spencerport!


We received our transfer calls today and I have been assigned to a new area named Spencerport (west side of Rochester)! It’s actually in the same zone as my last area. I’m excited because my new companion is Elder Crawford. I served with him in W. Seneca. He’s from Utah and is a really nice guy. He’s a hard worker so I know we will make a good team.

I will definitely miss working on the Cattaraugus Reservation. Everyone here has taught me so much! Especially when it comes to being patient with people and recognizing that everyone has their own agency. I learned a lot about the gospel while serving here as well. There are so many great people here. I’m really going to miss everyone I’ve been teaching on the reservation and its surrounding villages. You really do learn how to have a Christlike love for people while serving a mission. 

We spent a lot of the week doing service as you can see by the picture of us on the tractor. We had a lot to fun working on the farm despite some annoying dilemmas that were out of our control. 

As you know, I had the chance to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was assigned the topic of motherhood. I was a little nervous to speak but got over it as soon as I made eye contact with the audience. Many of the members told me how much they enjoyed the bold and loving message I presented to them. 

I’m so excited to hear that Grandma Janell is coming with you guys when you pick me up in October! I can’t wait to see everyone! 

I have to say again how much I loved talking to you guys yesterday! It’s so neat to speak with all of you again. I miss everyone so much!

I know this weeks email is short but I’ll send some pictures of the people I love and will miss after I’m transferred. 

I love and miss you all very much!

Elder Peterson

"Last picture with my district. Elder Detlor, Elder Hallstrum, Elder Bates and Elder & Sister Griffen." 
"Here is my first bishop. His name is Bishop Simpson. He was just released and decided to come visit us just for the heck of it."
"One of the families I absolutely love here. The England family." 

"The best district ever!"

"I'm going to miss the Seneca tribe!"
FaceTiming with Elder Peterson on Mother's Day!

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