Monday, 30 May 2016

Week 84: All Because of Hard Work and Service


We have been having a pretty busy week! I had my first interview with an investigator that wants to be baptized! It was a wonderful interview plus it was neat to get to know her a little better. She is probably the most upbeat person I have met my entire mission. She is a college student that is majoring in science and technology. Anyway, as we went through the baptismal interview questions she answered every question honestly and correctly. At the end of the interview, I said, “Congratulations! You are going to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” She got so excited when she heard those words come out of my mouth. She was baptized and confirmed earlier this week. :) It is the coolest thing to see people that have a sincere desire to change. It gives me hope that we will continue to find more people like her to teach. 

President Francis and his assistants were both at the baptism which was cool. After the baptism took place, while we waited for everyone to get changed, I was asked to share my testimony of my own conversion. I also shared my testimony of our loving Heavenly Father. Of course, I got teary eyed but I’m used to that haha. The members, bishop, and President Francis let me know how much they enjoyed hearing my testimony.

We had a district meeting earlier this week as well. We had a training on accountability for our areas, goals, and obedience. We went over the white handbook as well as the mission rules that have been established by President Francis. I think the meeting went pretty well. My district committed to being accountable. They are really cool missionaries. 

We had a miracle happen this week! We had a member referral given to us!!! This is the coolest thing ever for us. When we met the referral we quickly found out that she’s actually a pretty solid investigator! She is willing to listen and take the discussions. I think it’s possible she’ll be baptized sooner than later… At least I hope so! 

We did some service this week at the senior center and had the chance to introduce ourselves basically to everyone haha. They did a little orientation and kind of put us on the spot. They asked us in front of everyone where we were from, what we liked to do back at home, and then they even asked us what kinds of things we can and can not do in the LDS faith. It was pretty neat! The person in charge of the orientation is actually planning on taking a group of seniors to the sites and said she will let us know when they decide to go. How cool is that!! All because of our hard work and service in the senior center. 

It’s been a good week!

I love and miss you all very much!
Only 3 transfers left!

Elder Peterson

"My old zone leaders! Elder Hunt & Elder LaBar." 

"Elder LaBar!"

"My old zone leaders! Elder Hunt and Elder LaBar."

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