Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Week 85: Another Senior Center Success Story!


We had a pretty decent week this week. We focused on updating our area books by making sure we knew who was really interested in hearing the gospel. 

We also spent a lot of the week trying to find investigators in our new area. We found a really cool woman from Beijing China! She is here teaching Chinese classes. Surprisingly she has a Christian background and is familiar with God and Jesus Christ. 
She is very friendly and upbeat. It’s fun to visit with her. We’re hoping we can meet with her again before she goes back to China. 

We had quite a few dinner appointments this week which was awesome. I’ve never been fed so much by a ward before! It’s awesome. Plus it’s nice to save some money.

We had a district meeting and had our training on accountability in planning and setting goals. I made a pretty bold claim that if we don’t set goals as missionaries it’s showing a lack of love for our Father in Heaven. I shared a verse from Jacob and likened it to the areas we are responsible for as missionaries. I hope I didn’t come off too strong.

We went to the senior center again and had a lot of fun just talking to everyone and playing all kinds of games with them. I’ve loved being able to serve them that way. We went to another senior center in Chili, NY. The missionaries in that area have been doing acts of service for them for several years. Finally, they gave us an opportunity to open up and be more personable with them! We shared our backgrounds with them, a little about ourselves and then began sharing things about the church. The seniors all got really excited and started asking us all kinds of questions. It was a great experience. I’m grateful we had a breakthrough with them. One of the people in charge even leaned over to us and said they would like to take some of the seniors on a trip to Palmyra to visit the church history sites and learn more about our religion! We were so excited and thought it was so cool! That’s two senior centers that are willing to tour the sacred sites with us! Awesome!!

Can you believe I’ll hit my 20 month mark on the 22nd of this month? Time is flying!!

I’ll be sure to enjoy my last summer of 80 degree weather! haha 

I love and miss you all very much,

Elder Peterson

"The Brockport district."
"First baptism in Spencerport!"
"Found a snapping turtle on the side of the road!"

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