Thursday, 7 July 2016

Week 89: Happy 4th of July!


We taught a less active member earlier this week and I’ve been feeling really sad for her. She told us that she is not interested in coming back to church. The good news, though, is that she is still willing to meet with us and learn more about the gospel so that she can know for herself if the things we teach are true. She seems eager to find out for herself… It’s been tough for us though because she is meeting with the Jehovah’s Witnesses and taking lessons from them as well. Our goal is to clarify the doctrine each time we visit her so she won’t get confused on anything. (Jehovah missionaries are annoying sometimes!)

We met with another investigator and had to be a little bold with him and ask if he is interested in hearing the gospel. He seems to like to interrogate us more than ask sincere questions lol. He has been friends with the missionaries for a long time but hasn’t ever taken the lessons. So, when the time felt right, I felt prompted to ask him if he would like to hear the lessons. He didn’t decline but he let us know his work schedule is pretty crazy right now (he’s an AC/heating technician). We understood and appreciated his honesty.

We also went around to a lot of senior centers in Spencerport and North Chili and tried to be as much help as we could by reaching out to those in need. 

President and Sister Francis are officially gone. It was really sad to see them go. They left on Thursday evening and headed back home to California. President & Sister Evans arrived on Thursday. Everything we have heard about them so far has been good. They are eager to work and press forward. We will have a meeting with President Evans soon where we will get the chance to shake his hand and speak with him for a few minutes. He has asked all of the missionaries to write a quick biography about themselves and send it in so he can start to get to know us all a little better. Although it won’t be the same without President Francis, we must press forward. 

We will be busy this week with exchanges, meetings, and teaching appointments. Oh! Speaking of teaching appointments- we found an investigator simply by cleaning out our phone! She told us that it’s been a long time since the missionaries stopped by to see her and her family (they are a part member family). It sounds like they have potential! 

I had an experience this week that really reminded me of the power of repentance and of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I have felt an overwhelming feeling of love and peace which has reminded me of my desire to do good. I don’t want to sin or make mistakes. The gospel is definitely real and powerful. 

We will be celebrating Independence Day by watching the fireworks tonight. It’s such a great blessing to live in this country. I am grateful for this country, especially because it is where the restoration was able to take place. 

I love and appreciate you all so much. Thank you so much for supporting me in all that I do and sustaining me as a missionary for the church. 

I love and miss you all very much!

Elder Peterson 

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