Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Week 100: Better Than Ever

Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for writing to me! I always look forward to your emails. It helps uplift my spirit, especially during tough times with companions. 

This week was much better, although I thought I was over my challenges but the effects from last transfer are still there. I’m slowly regaining my confidence but it’s still something I’m working on. 

Elder Christiansen has helped me quite a bit in trying to break my negative thinking habits. He is going to continue to sending me assignments/exercises. Soon enough, I think my confidence is going to be better than ever. :)

Yesterday was a really cool day! The members of the Niagara Falls Ward gave me such a warm welcome back into the ward. The bishopric asked the new missionaries the bear their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting. When it was my turn I introduced myself as a new and old missionary haha. Everyone who remembered me was really excited and gave me the warmest welcome back into the ward. The bishopric really liked that I was assigned to the area again because of the amount of hard work I put in the first time I was here. It’s so great to be back! I know I will accomplish a lot. 

We spent the week meeting up with the ward members and spending time getting reacquainted with them again. I know some people here and there but some things have changed.

I’m continuing to work through the My Plan program. We are encouraged to sign up for an institute class when we return home. I think it’s a great idea. Will you sign me up so I can start going asap? I'm going to make a plan to start working as soon as I can as well.

I’m so excited to see you in about a month!!!

I sure love and miss you,
Elder Peterson

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