Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Week 99: Lewiston, NY!


Man, I can’t wait to see you guys next month!! I’m excited to introduce you to everyone I’ve worked with and come to love so much. The people out here really are so amazing!

I will begin the My Plan program this week. It’s a program designed to help return missionaries use their mission experiences to plan for continued, lifelong discipleship. It’s supposed to help me re-adjust back to “normal” life a bit easier as well. My Plan connects the skills and spiritual habits that missionaries develop on their mission to their post-mission everyday life in classrooms, jobs, and future family life. It should be interesting! 

This week was a bit long and frustrating for a lot of reasons but one of them is because so many of our appointments kept falling through. I had a Skype meeting with a set-apart missionary (Elder Christiansen) who is specifically called to help all missionaries who are about to return home. Meeting with him couldn’t have come at a better time… I’ve felt so much stress and anxiety throughout this companionship. It’s been pretty overwhelming on top of my responsibilities as a district leader. Anyway, Elder Christiansen is helping me work through these new challenges I’ve been facing. I’ll be meeting with him again on Friday.

Elder Gwilliam will no longer be my trainee due to unfortunate circumstances. I don’t know why people refuse to work with you simply because they don’t like your personality or style of teaching. I really tried my hardest to serve and teach him. President Evans said to not take it personal though.

I thought you should read the email President Evans sent to me…

Elder Peterson, 11 Sep 2016

I love your heart and willingness to serve. Though it didn't work out the way we planned I truly believe you were suppose to be with Elder Gwilliam and I also believe as he reflects back on his time with you there will be important lessons that he will gain from that experience. I also believe that God wanted to validate to you that you are an outstanding missionary and this companionship has caused you to dig deep and left you open to those impressions of the spirit. Keep being wonderful and know of my love and great trust!

President Evans

Anyway, I’m being transferred to Lewiston! Elder Fielding will be my companion again. He’s a nice guy and it will be nice to get back to work.

I love you all very much,
Elder Peterson

"Some of the people I love in Brockport, NY!"

"Some of the people I love in Brockport, NY!"

"Zone p-day in Holley Falls, NY."

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